Journey Towards Mastery: The Achievement Gap

Strategies for Eliminating the Achievement Gap

As  an online Capella University student I am just beginning my new course, Strategies for Eliminating the Achievement Gap, as I advance toward earning a Masters in Education, specializing in educational leadership. The course addresses differences in student achievement due to cultural, gender, racial, social, and economic factors. The course examines current research and best practices with a focus on identifying those practices and instructional strategies most likely to eliminate achievement disparities.

My long-term goal is to develop an education model for a school that
1) is a high quality, effective, and productive learning community, where learning for all students truly is the top priority
2) is free of racism, discrimination, and inequity in any form
3) where a cross-functional, collaborative and engaging partnership exists between school board members, administrators, teachers, students, parents, and the larger community.