Racism: America’s Generational Curse

Four Indisputable Truths

Diverse ClassroomCan you envision creating a model school with NO HINT of racism, prejudice, discrimination, or domination, based on the realization of Four Indisputable Truths:

  1. Racism is indeed America’s Generational Curse
  2. Every citizen has the right to the opportunity to realize their dream, to develop their gifts and talents, and make a self-determined contribution to America.
  3. America will greatly benefit if all of its citizens have equal access to opportunity
  4. Children are born to learn

The first step in realizing such a vision and creating the model is to openly examine the history and sociocultural and sociopolitical context of education in America…starting with Columbus, the Puritans and their encounter with Native Americans and ending in the present day. If we as Americans understand where we are as a nation and acknowledge the truth of how we got here, then we can begin serious discussions on how to change our nation citizen by citizen by rethinking education for the purpose of eradicating racism in America’s schools, and ultimately the nation.

Rethinking Schools

How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience and School


Team Up for Women: Sawu Bona!

Breast Cancer Awareness in South Africa

Sawu Bona is a Zulu greeting meaning “I see you”.  I learned this phrase in November of 2008 when I had the honor and privilege of traveling to South Africa on a mission. I was a member of a five-person team with one goal in mind: to build awareness and provide breast cancer education to the women in rural areas of the KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa. We used necklaces of variable-sized wooden beads to demonstrate the different sizes of tumors and the importance of early detection. We also used a model of a breast to simulate breast self-examination.

We worked with Mpilonhle, a community-based organization comprised of some of the most amazing women I have ever met. We touched the lives of nearly 400 people in workshops during the week we were there. This was indeed one of the most inspirational highlights of my life!




What’s Your Personal Brand?

Personal Branding

According to personal branding experts, there is a direct correlation between increasing personal brand equity and achieving success.   Personal branding is how we market ourselves to others.  This blog is my first step towards  truly discovering and developing my personal brand. I have begun research to better understand the process of personal branding, the benefits, and potential success outcomes. Here are some online resources I have identified:

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